Joshua A. D. Edwards

Worshipful Master

Harmony Lodge #9 F.&A.M.

Wardens, Brethren and Family ,

December is always a crazy month for our family at Harmony. Starting with our monthly meeting, our Annual Children’s Christmas Party and Holiday Visitations to our sick and infirmed. Whatever activity that we’re engaged in, its always exciting! With Christmas gone the Officers and their families couldn’t be more thankful for everyone in and around the Lodge.

During Harmony’s December Regular Communication, it was an absolute pleasure to have three very deserving Brothers do their proficiencies and become official members of Harmony Lodge #9 F,&A.M. In addition, we were able to come together and make a very generous donation to the U.S. Marine Corps’ Toys For Tot’s foundation which may be my favorite charity we all do all year! Those children deserved to feel special this time of the year and I couldn’t be more thankful for the Brothers and the Order of Easter Star for making that a reality.

Our Annual Children’s Christmas Party was a huge success thanks to Brother Senior Steward Adam Clement and his family. The children really enjoyed making the crafts with the help of Fidelity DeMolay and Woodridge Rainbow Girls. I would also like to thank Brother Chaplain Ralph Carlini for his reading of Twas’ the Night Before Christmas and our visit from Santa & Mrs. Claus. I have to say Santa definitely make so excellent choice in toys and entertainment for our event. It was impressive to see over forty children and their families at our Lodge. We had well over a hundred guest enjoying some holiday cheer together. Our Lodge was with filled with so much love and joy.

Not to be overshadowed in any manner, Brother Junior Warden James Lafitte organized a very enriching and important tenant of our fraternity, our Holiday Visitations to our sick and infirmed Brothers and Special Ladies. I can not express how integral it is to be there for our Harmony family. Without our Brothers and their families we wouldn’t be where we are today as a Lodge, so please reach out our Brothers and ladies. They would love and appreciate to hear from us all. 

With such an amazing start to the year and the month of January in our sights, I can’t wait to enjoy the coming year with you all. Please continue your support for Harmony Lodge and this amazing family we have. 



Worshipful Master  

Joshua Edwards