Patrick M. Connor Jr.

Worshipful Master

Harmony Lodge #9 F.& A.M.

2019 – 2020

Brothers, Family and Friends of Harmony,

We are now living in unprecedented times. Never before has our country been shutdown like this. Many of you are working from home, laidoff due to quaran- tine, having your children participate in “distance learning”, or braving the ele- ments as your job is deemed essential. The struggle to keep ourselves self quar- antined can be frustrating and difficult. Especially for us…we’re a Masonic fami- ly. We don’t know what it means to stay at home. We’re constantly at meetings, rehearsals, charity events, etc. I’m sure plenty of our wives haven’t seen us at home this much in years. Take advantage of this as an opportunity. An oppor- tunity to schedule a little family time. Whether its spending a few hours playing board games, helping with your children’s schoolwork, snuggling up on the couch with your family to watch a movie. Whatever it is, just seize this as an opportunity to connect!

I can assure the members of Harmony that we’ll champion through this. We will embrace the use of technology to communicate and keep the business of Har- mony moving forward. An example of this is how Harmony is using the Zoom app for our Regular Communication, Doric Board & Officer meetings. Our Class will be using this app to assist in their continued engagement until were able to resume Lodge activities & ritual.

Harmony has organized an effort to checkin on our Sick & Infirm Brothers, Wid- ows and aging members of Harmony. The goal is to lookin our our Masonic families and make sure that everyone has the necessities to weather this time of self quarantine. Our officers will be calling our members and checking to see if any are in need. If there is a need communicated we’ll organize a run to the grocery stores to pick up the items. The Brothers of Harmony will drop them off at the person’s door and will give a phone call to inform them that the groceries are delivered while practicing social distancing and minimizing the risk to our aging members.

I would like us all to say a prayer for all those battling this pandemic and are out there putting their lives on the line to save others. Our nurses, doctors, first responders, National Guard, any- one & everyone pitching in when our country needs us most. Without their efforts, this outbreak surely would be a lot worse.

I have great love and respect for Harmony Lodge, its members and the work we do. I won’t let (COVID19) Coronavirus pandemic diminish it. We’ll continue our quest to build that temple in the hearts of our members. I assure you, there will be ritual, degree work and social events in the months ahead. In the meantime, stay home, stay safe and remember to stay connected.

Love & Respect, Patrick M. Connor Jr.

Worshipful Master Harmony Lodge #9 F.&A.M.