Patrick M. Connor Jr.

Worshipful Master

Harmony Lodge #9 F.& A.M.

2019 – 2020

Dear Harmon􏰀 famil􏰀 & friends,

As man􏰀 of 􏰀ou ma􏰀 have heard, we are slowl􏰀 opening Harmon􏰀 Lodge to conduct the work of the Craft! With that said we want to reassure our membership that Harmon􏰀 will follow the guidance from both our Governor & Most Worshipful Grand Master. As of now we can have 25 people in our building together with social distancing. We will also update the amount of people with the current policies issued b􏰀 our Governor & Grand Master.

Moving forward we􏰁ll need to utili􏰂e our Reservation s􏰀stem in order to allow members wishing to attend the opportunit􏰀 to do so. The Lodge has alread􏰀 been marked with designated places to sit in accordance to social distance policies. Upon arrival to the Doric Masonic Center ever􏰀one will need to answer the COVID19 screening questionnaire & have their temperature taken. We have a contactless form to fill out on 􏰀our mobile device and have an infrared forehead thermometer on hand. If 􏰀ou􏰁ve passed the screening 􏰀ou􏰁ll be able to be admitted with a mask that will need to be worn when closer than 6ft. We ask ever􏰀one to maintain social distancing. Use of the hand saniti􏰂ers & washing our hands are best practices. If 􏰀ou did not pass our screening because of a high temperature or an answer from the questionnaire in the affirmative, 􏰀ou will be instructed to contact the Worshipful Master. The measures have been put in place to help with the safet􏰀 of our membership.

I am e􏰃cited to announce that our Officers delivered a fantastic Fellowcraft Degree on Tuesda􏰀, August 18th! Congratulations to our Class of 2020 for being Passed to the Degree of Fellowcraft! With that said, there are man􏰀 people to thank. Thank 􏰀ou to Wor. Brother Steve Reali, Brother Senior Steward Bill Laliberte & Brother Junior Deacon James Lafitte for keeping the class engaged and continuing their Masonic education. Thanks to the Class of 2020 for hanging in there and weathering the storm until we could start ritual again. I hope the degree imprinted wise & serious truth on 􏰀our memor􏰀. Thanks to all the Officers for their fine work. A big thank 􏰀ou to Wor. Brother Micke􏰀 Torgan & Brother Senior Deacon Jerem􏰀 Newton for a great Middle Chamber! I cannot forget our AGL, Wor. Dave Sousa, who gave up taking his wife out for their 25􏰀ear anniversar􏰀 to be at our degree! You are a brave man and we thank 􏰀ou for being selfless with 􏰀our time.

Man􏰀 people have asked, How do 􏰀ou feel about 􏰀our 􏰀ear? You must be bummed that 􏰀ou could not have the 􏰀ear that 􏰀ou planned? Would 􏰀ou want to repeat 􏰀our 􏰀ear? To that, of course I am bummed and upset that this pandemic ruined what was to be the pinnacle of m􏰀 􏰀ears as an Officer of Harmon􏰀. Yes, it was hard to watch each event get cancelled or postponed, some multiple times due to social distancing measures. No, I would not want to repeat another 􏰀ear as that would be selfish. Man􏰀 Brothers before me have been called to preside over their Lodge and dealt with the draft, war, loss of a loved one or a famil􏰀 member and did not repeat. We will continue in our traditions and look at the positives. We were forced to utili􏰂e technolog􏰀 in new wa􏰀s and will adapt to use them as we move forward. We have learned a lot and will be better prepared if this pandemic continues into the ne􏰃t Master􏰁s 􏰀ear. I am confident that Brother Senior Warden Dave Desplaines will be able to navigate Harmon􏰀 forward amongst this pandemic or whatever else ma􏰀 come his wa􏰀. We are blessed to have the famil􏰀 that makes up Harmon􏰀 Lodge and I􏰁m grateful for all the help & support I have received thus far during m􏰀 tenure as 􏰀our Worshipful Master.

We do look forward to inviting our membership to our Master Mason Degree with Ionic Lodge in the Fall. Sta􏰀 tuned for more details on this e􏰃citing Degree. If 􏰀ou are interested in taking a part in our Master Mason Degree please speak to an􏰀 of our Officers or our Master of Ceremonies Wor. Micke􏰀 Torgan.

Love and Respect,
Patrick M. Connor, Jr
Worshipful Master
Harmon􏰀 Lodge No. 9, F. & A. M.