Robert Izzi
Worshipful Master
Harmony Lodge #9 F.& A.M.
2018 – 2019

Dear Harmony Lodge Family,

I will begin by reporting on Harmony’s October meeting which of course was also our annual step up night, where Brother Senior Warden Patrick Connor conducted business for the evening from the Oriental East, with the assistance of the Lodge officers assuming their next presumptive chairs for the upcoming Masonic year. I am very proud of Pat and the officers, job well done men. It was very encouraging to see the level of support Pat and his officers received from all the sideline members in attendance. It was also great to see the level of excitement at the prospect of our next Masonic year being almost upon us. Please review the list of all the upcoming activities (herein) and plan to participate as you are able. Harmony never has any shortage of social and fraternal activities planned this time of year, and they are that much more successful when they are actively supported by Lodge membership. Of particular note, please plan to attend Harmony’s annual communication and banquet on Saturday November 23rd.

I tell my players all the time to enjoy their playing career because it goes by so fast, don’t blink. I have enjoyed this past year with all of its up’s and downs, success and failure. I can sincerely say from within my own house not made with hands that this year has made me a better man and given me an even deeper look into masonry. I can’t say that I am a better Mason for it, but I can say it has given me the inspiration to be a better Mason. Yes, there was great work done along the way but there was a palpable disconnect with the lodge overall as I noticed participation in social events, charity events and Masonic events drop off significantly. I have tried to decipher what the underlying issue or issues were from finances, event type, scheduling and my leadership. I don’t feel there is one in a particular that outweighs another but rather all of these contributed to what I feel was a disappointing year for Harmony short of a few bright spots. As this is also going to serve as my Master’s Report for the Annual Communication I will give you the details to support my previous statement. I was in the unpopular position to have to cancel the weekend getaway due to very poor response and really complete lack of interest even with financial support of the lodge and Fellow Craft Club. We had very poor support from the lodge during our District Charity event, if not for a few committed men and deep pockets it would have been a failure, that is NOT who Harmony is. We had the same issue with the charity golf tournament, you don’t need to be a golfer to support, contribute or volunteer to raise money. Although the day was a success in raising money it pales in comparison to what it truly could have been with participation from more brothers. I am not calling anyone out by making these statements, my intent is to make all those who cannot attend or choose not to attend lodge meetings that we are currently operating under the 80/20 rule where 20 % of the men are doing 80% of the work. We need you back in lodge and we want you back in lodge because there are a lot of bright spots on the immediate horizon; the most recent eight brothers to sign the by-laws are all eager to get involved and they are dove tailed right behind the last two years classes who have all engaged with their blue lodge so that these newest brothers are an inspiration to us all as to why we became masons in the first place. Another bright spot is Patrick Connor ascending to the East, he is the most creative, thoughtful and caring man I know and his passion for Masonry and more especially Harmony Lodge, supported by his strong line of Officers who share his vision, will undoubtedly reinvigorate this lodge we love to a new level. Other bright spots are older brothers and past masters who continue to do more than their share to ensure Harmony moves forward. I wish to personally thank Mickey Torgan, Mike Cunningham, Bob Kempf, James Rapson, Jim Hopper, Ken Poynton, Richard Ault, Dave Armstrong, Al Anton, Ed Carlson, Tom Piscopio, Dick Wood, James Ogilvie, Pat and David, my officer’s line and last but certainly not the least, is the spirit of Jesse Edwards to whom and his entire family I cannot express enough the love I have for him and what he taught me. To all of these Brothers my sincerest thanks and gratitude for your friendship, counsel and support.

In closing let me be very clear on this point, it has been an immense personal privilege to serve as Master of Harmony Lodge for this past Masonic year, and I thank the brethren for giving me the opportunity to do so. As I have always said, a very big thank you is due to your Lodge officers, who tirelessly committed to planning and executing all activities that were conducted this past year. Having been given the opportunity to play a leadership role at Harmony and being active in Lodge activities over the past several years has really allowed me to grow as a person, and it is something that I will never be able to pay back. One special precept of our fraternity is that our leadership is composed of our membership, but that no one person is given that role in perpetuity. Moving forward, I look forward to assuming my new role as Chaplain but also my place on the sidelines when necessary to be with my fellow brethren, where we can again meet on the level, and collectively provide support to our future Lodge leaders

Respectfully and Fraternally,

Robert P. Izzi

Worshipful Master