Patrick  Connor
Senior Warden
Harmony Lodge #9 F.& A.M.
2018 – 2019

Over the past year and more especially these past few months I’ve spent my time planning, studying ritual, having meaningful conversations with many members and preparing for my presumptive year as your Worshipful Master. I have had time to reflect on my oaths & obligations & how being a member of Harmony has enriched my life. I am excited for the work of Harmony to begin. Together we’ll create an enlightening experience for candidates and our members, through our ritual and continued fellowship.

This year promises to be an exciting one with our Officer’s commitment to elevate Harmony’s ritual and events that drive more participation and promoting Harmony Lodge within our community. If there is one thing I’ve learned through Masonry, it’s that I can’t do any of this without the support of my Officers & you Brethren.

With Most Worshipful Grand Master Kenneth Poyton in the Grand East, it goes without saying that our Officers have committed to perform our ritual in a manner that will give our Brothers an exciting and meaningful experience. This is also a great opportunity for members from our sidelines to participate. Take a part in the second section of our Master Mason degree! Be a part of a Brother’s biggest moment, by joining our cast!

Harmony Lodge will also have opportunities for our Brothers to promote our fraternity in our community. Participation in charity events are excellent opportunities to promote Harmony’s fellowship while also helping our local charities. Inclusion of Rainbow – Woodridge Assembly & DeMolay – Fidelity Chapter will be a nice way to bring our Masonic families together while serving our community.

Our members are important to help drive the future direction & success of Harmony. Through your participation & your contributions Harmony will grow in its bonds of Brotherhood and be strengthened from each of our personal efforts. 

As I have the gift of gab…and don’t want to upset James our Treasurer at the cost of adding additional pages to our Trestleboard due to my View From the West contribution, I leave you with this: I am humbled to have the honor and excited for this busy and what will be a rewarding year ahead and I hope that you’re equally excited! I look forward to the prospect of serving you as the Master of Harmony Lodge, and I am anxious for all of us to get started on our new year.

Love & Respect,

Patrick M. Connor Jr.

Senior Warden