Mickey Torgan
Worshipful Master
Harmony Lodge #9 F.& A.M.
2017 – 2018

Dear Harmony Lodge family,
It was quite an experience holding our September meeting in thenewly renovated Lodge Room, and I was quite impressed with theturnout. Hats off to Worshipful Bob Kempf for all his “teaser posts”on Facebook, which went a long way towards drumming up interest in seeing what was accomplished during the summer.

At the beginning of our Masonic Year, one of the things I mentioned was that this was going to be the Year of the Beehive, as the beehive is, to me, one of the Masonic symbols which truly exemplifies what it means to be a Mason. And nowhere was the example of industriousness better demonstrated than in the Lodge Room renovation. Members and non – members alike banded together to complete the task, and all involved produced something which is absolutely beautiful.

W:. Bob Kempf, whose love for the building is well – known, was our very own Hiram Abiff as he took many of the suggestions from the Doric Board sessions held over the past two years and literally drew his design on the Trestleboard for the Craft to pursue their labors. His skill as a Project Manager was evident in his coordinating the many contractors and suppliers needed in completing the workduring the months when the Lodge was “dark” so that the work wascompleted on time. He literally put his blood, sweat, and tears into the project as he and his trusty crew (son Wyatt, nephew Jared, and handyman extraordinaire Keith Barone among many others who cycled in and out as needed) spent most of the summer keeping things on track. Please make sure to thank W:. Bob for all his hard work: it is truly appreciated!

Also, please take note of the date changes reflected on our long range calendar for several events previously noted in the September Trestleboard, including Central District Annuals.

Finally, please take note of the two upcoming events sponsored by both DeMolay and Rainbow advertised separately in this issue. As Harmony Lodge has close relationships with Fidelity Chapter and Woodridge Assembly, I encourage all members to support the activities for each. The young men and women put their hearts and souls in to everything they do, and that includes helping Harmony at many of her events: it is only fair that we support theirs.


Mick Torgan

Worshipful Master