Mickey Torgan
Worshipful Master
Harmony Lodge #9 F.& A.M.
2017 – 2018

Dear Harmony Lodge family,

Spring has final arrived, and with the nicer weather come a multitude of opportunities to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Harmony Lodge members spent plenty of time in the fresh air, as several of us participated in charity walks during the month of April. First up was the RI Brain Tumor walk on April 15th. This was the first Brain Tumor Walk to be held in Rhode Island, and a lot of the organizing was done by Brother Rob Lindberg’s family. It was a very successful inaugural walk, as close to $38,000 was raised and I have no doubt that next year’s fundraising will far exceed that amount.

Our other walk for charity was on April 29th, when several members walked in support of Autism awareness. Thank you to all the Brothers and significant others who attended these events, and a special thank you to Brother Tom Drumm who came up with our team name: “Walk in Harmony”.

In addition to the walks for charity, Harmony Lodge was out and about throughout the month of April. First up was the WoodridgeAssembly April Fool’s Dinner, which is one of my favorite events thatthey put on. Next up was the official visitation of Harmony Lodge to Fidelity Chapter. One of the highlights of our visit was theirpresentation of the “Ceremony of Light”: they all did an outstanding job.

The next day was our spring Sick and Shut In visitations. Thank you to Brother Junior Warden Patrick Connor for organizing the troops and to all the Brothers who came out to deliver plants and good cheer. A special thank you to Brother Senior Warden Rob Izzi who picked up the plants, and to his Lady, Denise, for baking the pumpkin and banana bread loaves to go along with the plants.

The day after the visitations, several of us attended the Cornerstone rededication ceremony at the Armory Hall, home of the Pawtuxet Rangers. As many of you know, the Armory Hall was for many years the home of Harmony Lodge in the mid – 1800’s. R:.W:. Junior Grand WardenGary Kaufman did a great job, and it was an honor to take part in the ceremony along with W:. Mike Cunningham, Brother Junior Warden Pat Connor and Brother Bob Fish.

As if those activities weren’t enough, Harmony supported two events in one day. First,several Brothers participated in a ChIP event at the Wyoming YMCA, and then raced back tothe Doric Masonic Center to prepare for Harmony’s contribution to the Grand Lodge YouthCharities Progressive Dinner. As in years past, Harmony provided the soup and salad for roughly 60+ people. Special thanks to Brother Junior Deacon Josh Edwards, Brother Senior Deacon Dave Desplaines and his Lady Rosa for helping to coordinate everything.

We ended the month on a high note as we held the Fellowcraft Degree on April 28th. Congratulations to Brothers Jan Zukowski, Armen Avagyen, and Ralph Carlini as they continue their advancement through the degrees. Thanks also to the Brothers and significant others who helped prepare the after – degree meal.

Upcoming events I am looking forward to are the Master Mason Degree on Saturday, June 30th, 2018, the Lodge Picnic on Sunday, July 8th, 2018, and the Harmony Lodge Golf Tournament , Saturday, July 21st, 2018. Please see additional information within this issue of the Trestleboard for contact information, etc.


Mick Torgan

Worshipful Master