Mickey Torgan
Worshipful Master
Harmony Lodge #9 F.& A.M.
2017 -2018

Dear Harmony Lodge family,

It’s hard to believe, but this Master’s Message is being written forthe halfway point of our Masonic year. Being such an active Lodgedoesn’t always afford the Officers the time to sit back and reflect often: from the time we’re installed, it’s off to the races. It’s usually when summer time approaches, and the Lodge “goes dark” that wecan take a breath and look back on our accomplishments up to that point. Flipping through the Trestleboards from November forward, we have a lot to be proud of, and based on the many upcoming events still in the pipeline, we will be adding to that list. Brother Pat Connor does a great job with maintaining our website, and I encourage folks to review past issues of the Trestleboards. It is a great walk down memory lane, not just for the current year, but also from years past.

Our most recent event was the Children’s Easter Party, which wascoordinated by Junior Steward Jose Gonzalez and his Lady, Dahamelis. As this was their first event where they were responsible for the planning and execution, they got plenty of advice from the veterans, but what was nice to see was how they put their own stamp on it. Rather than just follow a template from past events, they took the basic structure and built something even better. I remember lookingat a couple of the things they did and said, “Hmmmm…that’s such a great idea why didn’t I think of that?” A big thank you also toWoodridge Assembly and Fidelity Chapter for their help, as well, and a special thank you to Brother Bill McColl, whose behind the sceneswork is also a big part of this event’s success.

Dinner for our April meeting was prepared by Brother Jim Lafitte, with assistance from his Lady, Jo – Ann. For those unable to attend, you missed a great meal! Jim wasn’t kidding whenhe said at a previous meeting that he liked to cook and it showed. It was a toss up whichentrée I enjoyed the most: Jim’s chicken, or the Spinach Lasagna with Jo – Ann’s Special Gravy.Thanks again, Jim and Jo – Ann!

Saturday, April 7th, Woodridge Assembly held their April Fool’s Dinner fundraiser. This is one of my favorite events that they do, and they all did a great job! As I’ve mentioned in previousMessages, Harmony is in a great position in that we have close relationships with both youth groups and it is very rare that when we ask for help at events, we are told no. If you see an event advertised for either Fidelity Chapter or Woodridge Assembly, please make an effort to attend and show your support.

As a reminder, our Ladies Luncheon is on Saturday, May 12th at Lancellotta’s. If you have notalready made your reservations, the final count needs to be in by May 4th. Please see theadvertisement in this issue of the Trestleboard for Brother Jeremy Newton’s contactinformation.

For those Brothers applying for the Macintosh Scholarship, the deadline for submissions is May 15th. Additional information, including Scholarship Committee Chairman Alan French’saddress, is within this issue of the Trestleboard.
As this message is being written in the beginning of April, many of the events on our busy Aprilcalendar have not happened yet. My next Master’s Message will contain updates regardingthose events.


Mick Torgan

Worshipful Master