Mickey Torgan
Worshipful Master
Harmony Lodge #9 F.& A.M.
2017 -2018

Dear Harmony Lodge Family,

It goes without saying that it has been a very busy time at Harmony since my last Master’s Message. For those Ladies of the Lodge who might wonder where their significant others have been, here is a recap of recent events:


Annual Communication:

Harmony Lodge began its new Masonic Year on Tuesday, November 21st . I want to recognize W:. Mike Cunningham, not only for his successful year, but also for the good counsel he has provided not only to me, but also to his Line Officers, throughout his progression to the Oriental Chair. W:. Mike, I can assure you that we will still be coming to you for your advice.


I would also like to thank the Prologue Team for their work during the Semi – Public Installation. I’m not sure if this has happened before, but each member of the Prologue Team (R:.W:. James Ogilvie, Brother Mike Lawson, and W:. Jesse Edwards) are all Senior DeMolay. Many of you know that I am an advisor with Fidelity Chapter, so this had special meaning for me that night


As they have done in the past, the young men and women of Fidelity Chapter and Woodridge Assembly did a phenomenal job helping out with serving the dinner. This year, they also came upstairs to see the Installation and it was nice to have them nearby, joking around with me, and alleviating the butterflies before the ceremony.


I would also like to thank R:.W:. Andre Faria and his Installing Suite, all of whom did a wonderful job with the Installation of Officers that night. It was nice having R:.W:. Dave Armstrong filling in for the Grand Master of Ceremonies that evening.


A big thank you to W:. Jesse Edwards and Missy for taking care of the flowers, not only for this event, but also all of the other events listed below, and also to Carol Anton for providing the bud vases for all the tables.


And speaking of W:. Jesse, he continues to work his magic in the kitchen. We had 67 confirmed reservations and 88 guests showed up. I don’t know how he did it, but I doubt anyone went away hungry that evening.


Annual Banquet:

Two days after Thanksgiving, on November 25th, Harmony Lodge held its Annual Banquet at the Santa Maria di Prata Hall. What a great turnout! Good food and good company made for a successful Banquet. Senior Steward Jeremy Newton and Junior Steward Jose Gonzalez, along with their Ladies Jen and Dahamelis, did a great job greeting the guests as they came in and not too much blood was shed with pinning on the boutonnieres!


Sick and Shut Ins and Widows Holiday Visits:

After a hearty breakfast at Athena’s on December 2nd, close to a dozen Brothers went back to the Lodge and picked up not only the Holiday plants for our December visitations, but homemade baked goods courtesy of Denise Izzi and Amy Connor. These sweet treats are a BIG hit. I know a lot of work goes in to not only baking them, but also wrapping them, and cannot thank you ladies enough. Junior Warden Patrick Connor did a fine job coordinating the 19 visitations that were made on Saturday as well as Sunday. Many Brothers paired up, so in addition to spreading Holiday cheer, there was time for fellowship. Brother Jim Lafitte and I went to visit Most Worshipful Past Grand Master Sheffield Reynolds and had a great time chatting with him. And as an example of fellowship, I found out that Jim is a graduate of Arizona State University. I’m sure that will make for some good natured ribbing with our Junior Warden, who is a University of Arizona alum.


After the visitations, many of us returned to the Lodge and were pleasantly surprised to find out that the young ladies from Woodridge Assembly spent a good part of the afternoon baking Holiday cookies as a way of thanking Harmony Lodge for the support we give them throughout the year. I guess the secret is out that cookies are my Kryptonite, but I made sure to share them at our December meeting so that those Brothers in attendance were also aware of their kind gesture.


Ladies Luncheon:

The wait staff at the Santa Maria di Prata Hall had a full two weeks before Harmony Lodge returned for the Ladies Luncheon on a snowy December 9th. I was a little worried that the snow might keep some of our special guests at home, but with the exception of just a few cancellations, we had close to 60 people in attendance. A big thank you to Brother James Rapson, who picked up three of our Ladies and brought them to the luncheon. Thank you, also, to Wanda Hopper for coordinating our entertainment for the afternoon. The West Bay Chorale put on a very good holiday show of Christmas songs, and there was even an opportunity for the audience to sing along to some of the Christmas carols. No better way to get in to the spirit of the season than a light snowfall and live Christmas music.


The Ladies Luncheon is another of my favorite events, because it gives us the opportunity to thank the Ladies for the contributions they made (and continue to make) to the success of Harmony Lodge. As anyone who has run a Harmony event, or just been involved in the Lodge in general, knows, our significant others are a very big part of the success we enjoy.


Upcoming events as this Master’s Message is being written in December for the January Trestleboard, include the Children’s Christmas Party, the Entered Apprentice Degree, and our Annual Getaway Weekend.


Senior Steward Jeremy Newton has been planning for the Children’s Christmas Party since before he was installed, and based on the updates he’s provided, I’m sure it will be a great success. I’ll have more to write about the event in February’s message.


Our Entered Apprentice degree is scheduled for Saturday, January 27, 2018. During his term, W:. Mike Cunningham began the practice of holding the degrees on Saturday so that afterwards we could enjoy spending time with the Candidates and their families at either lunch or dinner. This proved to be a big success, and I am glad to continue this during my year.


In February, Harmony Lodge will be returning to the Groton Inn and Suites the weekend of February 23 – February 25, 2018. Please note that these dates differ from what was in the previous Master’s Message. Additional information is included in this edition of the Trestleboard, so please make sure to make your reservations with W:. Jesse Edwards, who is again coordinating the event.


I would like to close with saying that I hope everyone had an enjoyable Holiday season. May the Great Architect of the Universe continue to watch over us, and I wish nothing but the best for you and yours as we begin a New Year.


Mick Torgan, Master