Mickey Torgan
Senior Warden
Harmony Lodge #9 F.& A.M.
2016 -2017

“ As the sun is in the West at the Close of the Day””……iit’s hard to believe that my term as Senior Warden is coming to an end,, and I am poised to begin a new journey to the Oriental East.. Where does the time go??

Pending election,, I am excited for the upcoming year,, where Harmony Lodge will continue to be one of the busiest and most active in the state.. A special focus will be on the relationship that Harmony has both with Fidelity Chapter,, Order of DeMolay and Woodridge Assembly,, International Order of Rainbow Girls.. Harmony is in a unique position in that we have a long – standing relationship with both of these youth organizations.. As an advisor to Fidelity Chapter,, it is absolutely amazing to see the level of self – confidence that each of these young men develops over the course of time..

Brother Kyle Gamache has agreed to continue to be coordinator for the Travel Club,, and I encourage Brothers to take advantage of the opportunity that your dues card affords you to get out and visit other Lodges.. This past year I accompanied several brethren to different Lodges and was warmly received.. I particularly enjoyed the different forms of entertainment presented.. On a side note,, if you do take advantage of the Travel Club and see some really good entertainment,, please bring the contact information back with you so we can get them to visit Harmony.. One of the hardest things the Master struggles with is lining up entertainment for the meetings……

I am also looking forward to working with what I,, with admitted bias,, look on as one of the best Officer’s lines in any Lodge.. I am proud of the work that all of us have done throughout the years,, and have no doubt that we will continue to do so going forward..

Finally,, I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Worshipful Cunningham on an amazing year.. It’s been a pleasure following him on this journey,, and I look forward to continuing working with him as he assumes the Marshal’s chair .


Mick Torgan,, Senior Warden